Object 1: Brandy Melville

May 27, 2021


Brandy Melville is a European clothing and fashion accessories brand targeting its products to young women which is one of the fastest-growing brands among teenage girls in Europe and America. It is controversial since products have only one size: x small to small due to the reason of minimisation of used fabric and clothing patterns. Also, the brand’s most ideal image is shown through their choice of models; on their website or Instagram account, all models are skinny and white.

This brand is particularly interesting for this exhibition because the expert (Brandy Melville) can make an impression that being skinny is ideal for women. As Brandy Melville is such a trendy brand, in order to fit in small-sized clothes, girls who are a size large have to and try to squeeze into a size small. This means that the brand indirectly supports the idea of fat-shaming rather than body positivity. Whilst a lot of teenage girls are unhappy about their bodies, the brand’s sizing concept will immortalise negative body images among teens.

Experts, in this case, Brandy Melville, create new knowledge for people to believe and have a huge influence on people’s consumption of knowledge.

The brand also enriches this exhibition because the fact that they only hire models who are white make assumptions that the brand supports the idea of whiteness and denies the concept of ethnic and racial diversity which eventually force or encourage people to believe that being white and denying diversity is acceptable. Despite the world’s demand for diversity in fashion as people try to reject the idea of whiteness as a global beauty standard, an influential brand such as Brandy Melville has enormous impacts on people to believe being white is ideal which is the concept that the brand supports. The expert’s actions increase the awareness of specific beliefs and offer ideals which in this case, whiteness, for people to believe.

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