Object 1: Feminist Instagram account (2021 Instagram)

May 27, 2021


This object provides a feminist outlook on a spectrum of material including LGBTQ+, religion, race, and climate change. It presents followers with a lens into the modern world and its implications. It has a large number of followers ( 6.4 million) suggesting that the knowledge resonates with a wide range of people. It must be taken into account that it is highly subjective and unapologetically political.

The implications of possessing knowledge from this singular account raises awareness in terms of inequalities between men and women. This account contextualizes these inequalities and provides a variety of concrete everyday examples such as the “Not all men” movement, addressing the statistics of rape in the United States. When one is faced with this information, it might lead to an evolving desire for political activism counting forms like protests or within the governmental system. Although this knowledge is valuable for individuals to secure political decisions, many disregard this information due to their established beliefs or ideologies which may be driven by religion or shared knowledge. Therefore, creating someone further absolutist, and making one conform to societal norms in their surroundings. Another factor that one must be aware of is that some are not equipped with this knowledge. This may be due to personal or environmental circumstances which result in a lack of awareness about the rights and freedom that one deserves and hence will not request.

This object was particularly valuable for my personal political knowledge as this Instagram account is one of the sole educational accounts which I follow, hence it has shaped and augmented my political beliefs. Additionally, this object is modern as it illustrates the impact of social media platforms on political knowledge and opinion. It provides knowledge that is not necessarily taught in a school environment. The implications of this object explore the discrepancies between knowledge and opinion which is motivated by ideology.

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