Object 1: Goodreads article stating the ‘100 Best Books of All Time’

May 27, 2021


The article states the “100 Best Books of All Time” and was established by using a list of books and having 100 writers from 54 countries vote. However, is this article based off one’s opinion, knowledge or belief?

To distinguish whether this is knowledge, one can look at what criteria was used to create this list. Admittedly, it would make sense to use the books that are purchased the most (facts/data), however books may be purchased often due to the author who wrote them or the language they were written in. Furthermore, books can be written in different genres and therefore, the criteria set may be biased towards one genre than another or to one style or writing compared to others. Either way, one can argue that the best books would be ones that are purchased the most as many people would want to read them, such as Pride and Prejudice, which sold 20 million copies.

Opinion – every reader has their own definition of the best book. For children, the best book would be one with multiple images, whilst older readers may prefer mature fiction or historical books. One’s opinion greatly varies and influences what they believe to be the best book, as everyone has their own personal experiences/likes that influence their opinions on the same books – someone who likes mythology would prefer The Odyssey to 1984.

Finally, one’s ‘best book’ can be something they are told to believe. For example, growing up they were told that a certain book is the best book, they would be raised to believe this with no proof and no questions asked. Even if they didn’t like the book, they would believe that it is the best book as that is what they have been told, therefore the ‘best book could be a belief.

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