Object 1: Job interview between two males

May 27, 2021


This object is an image showing a job interview between two males. This is interesting from a TOK perspective, because the outcome of that interview depends on the level of knowledge the interviewee has. This object enriches this exhibition because the interview could go terribly wrong without having the right knowledge. Having knowledge, especially different types of knowledge, will get a person further in life. For example, in this interview, the interviewee must first of all, have knowledge of the position they are applying for. If the person would like to be a business consultant, extensive knowledge of business is a must. Another type of knowledge required is knowing how to interact with others, useful for both the interviews and the job. Having knowledge will impress the interviewer, and the chances of getting hired are much higher. Another way this object enriches the exhibition is because outcomes of a situation can change drastically without having the knowledge needed for that specific situation. If a person is unprepared and clueless, not having knowledge, then the outcome of the situation will not be in their favour. If a person never has the right knowledge, the person will never be able to further their life. Not having knowledge is detrimental, and whilst it is not necessary to have knowledge in every area, that would be unreasonable, it is clear that without certain knowledge, succeeding in any aspect of the real world will be impossible, as knowledge is the very basis for everything.

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