Object 2: A biased newspaper article by the Daily Mail

May 27, 2021


This article was written by David Barrett and published on the 11th of March 2021. The Daily Mail is a notorious right-wing paper that is known to be biased. This article presents peaceful/silent protests in an evidently negative light. The first thing you see is the headline, which is written with a harsh tone, the first three words being “call to ban”. Immediately this has a negative connotation as bans are only carried out in the most extreme of cases, which would imply that the protests have become alarming enough that action must be taken.

This article enriches the exhibition because the context in which it presents peaceful protests is disruptive, which allows the reader to be deceived into thinking the article is trustworthy. This article is provided by the company known to hold strong political views but written by Barrett, who is a home affairs correspondent. Meaning he writes about big stories and the highest profile issues affecting our communities including gun crime, terrorism, CSE, the region’s policing. The author being someone who’s specialised in this area, can manipulate the audience into thinking the information is trustworthy. However, the attention should be on the company’s political stand as the majority of writers/editors for that newspaper, in this case, the Daily Mail, would have similar or the same views on politics. The picture provided by the newspaper is eye-catching because of the overpowering red colour. Red is often associated with violence and anger which could allow people who skim over the picture to build on the negativity Barret is creating. However, if the reader looks at the picture properly, they will see that the protest does not look enraged, and they are not participating in any violence. Therefore, due to the picture as well as the reputation of the article’s publisher, the context in which protests are presented is rejected.

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