Object 2: A section of a passage from the Bible

May 27, 2021


For the second object I chose an extract from the Bible, 1 Corinthians 6:9, the word ‘homosexuality’ is utilised in translations as part of a group of ‘wicked’ people and ‘offenders’ not allowed to inherit the kingdom of heaven2. Being gay or homosexual is certainly a positive thing, however, this passage may not interpret it in such way.

This object enriches the exhibition as Christians may be in support of this passage whilst, people from other religions might not believe the same. Belief is known as a conviction that is based on cultural or personal faith, values or morality. Depending on what faith one believes in, they may have different beliefs on whether they are against or for calling gay people ‘homosexual offenders’. Sexuality is a choice and opinions about it can be derived from religious beliefs, but are more based on an individual’s perceptions and interpretations of the beliefs they might subscribe to.

A belief should be supported by evidence; however, we tend to agree with evidence that supports someone’s own beliefs and overlook anything else. In this passage’s case, if an individual is Christian and has seen the point of view on the passage of ‘homosexuality offenders’, they are more likely to agree. There is no evidence to scientifically prove that homosexuality is wrong, therefore it is subjective as they are primarily held by an individual and are not verified by any objective method of verification. The opinions these beliefs lead to are held loosely with a low sense of reliability and strongly based on preferences. With that being said, if someone is to be told that homosexuality is wrong, whilst there is no evidence that backs it up, it may be considered as forced knowledge as they may instantly believe it. Faith and culture may also be considered in this context.

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