Object 2: An ‘Evil Eye’ Amulet

May 27, 2021

Object 2: An ‘Evil Eye’ Amulet

The evil eye is a look or stare that once given is believed to bring bad luck for the person on whom it is directed at, as the negative energy and bad thoughts travel through people’s eyes. In order to prevent getting the evil eye, and therefore being plagued by curses and bad luck, people carry this amulet to ward of this evil and protect them.

This object contributes to the exhibition as the evil eye amulet can be categorised as a belief as many argue that there is no proof that it works. There is no proof that another human can ‘curse’ another human or that the evil eye amulet would protect someone from such curse. In order for this to be knowledge, there would have to be proof and evidence that this works, but perhaps there is. People who believe such things to be true would share their stories, but then it is up to the audience to interpret this as a myth or as facts. Many would argue that it is just stories being told and that in order to be proven true, and therefore be knowledge, there would have to be real facts, not just stories that involve curses and protection.

The ‘evil eye’ amulet can be seen as a belief, such as one’s faith. The amulet can be compared to religions; they both date back to ancient times and both include stories that can be seen as mythical, involving gods and miracles. Similarly, to religion, individuals have different beliefs and it is unclear which religion is the so called ‘right religion’ or whether they are all right or wrong. The same principal can be applied to the amulet, it is unclear whether the evidence (stories) is true, made up, or one’s interpretation of events.

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