Object 2: Bible

May 27, 2021


This is a photo of a Bible, which I received from my parents in order to help me learn English and the knowledge of the Bible itself. Growing up in Japanese heritage, I was very far from knowing what is Christianity, or who Jesus is. However, this book has enabled me to unlock the knowledge about Christianity and about God in depth. Reading this book did not just allow me to know, but to be inspired and taught me a number of life lessons, such as being open-hearted and forgiving or helping anyone in need. While the stories have influenced me, it has come into a question, on whether God has really existed, and how is that knowable.

The question came up as I was reading Luke 4:40, where Jesus has healed all the ill with his hand. “At sunset, all who had people sick with various diseases brought them to him. He laid his hands on each of them and cured them”. 2 This has made me wonder how it is possible for a person to cure an illness with a miracle. Even if Jesus was the son of God, how can we prove that he was able to use miracles? Even if the Bible is accurately passed on from generations, we do not know if the stories recorded in the Bible are accurate, or whether it has happened or not because there is no historical evidence which backs them up.

Furthermore, it has made me think If God has created all men equally, there shouldn’t be anyone suffering from illness. If every man had equal right, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, why do we fight against each other?

Applying this to my prompt, we could argue that some elements remain unknowable, however, in religion, I believe what is important is acceptance. Like how I was inspired by the story of Jesus, I believe the purpose is to learn, be guided, and be faithful, therefore it does not have to be knowable.

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