Object 2: History Essay

May 27, 2021


This image is the history essay which is written by me. In this essay, I wrote about why Japan surrendered in WW2 in Japanese. I wrote that Japan surrendered because the US dropped an atomic bomb at Hiroshima and Nagasaki. However, when my history teacher returned it to me, she stated that the reason why Japan surrendered was actually because of Russia planning an invasion.

History is taught using books, stories and sources. The same story can be told in a different way from different scenarios. I have been taught this topic in history both in Japan and England. In Japan I was taught that the key reason why Japan surrendered was because Russia was planning an invasion, however in England I was taught that it was because of the atomic bombing.

This leads us to question which reasoning was actually more accurate. History can easily be rewritten using different textbooks, sources depending on the bias. Thus, even if we based our knowledge on the people who were physically present at the time of this event, we would be able to confirm the accuracy of this event as people are naturally biased and therefore history will be taught with a bias.

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