Object 2: Rich vs poor education

May 27, 2021


This object is an image showing the divide between education with low monetary funds, and education with higher monetary funds. This is interesting from a TOK perspective because people who receive an education with lower monetary funds will, almost certainly, receive an education that is significantly less comprehensive than that of richer schools. This object enriches this exhibition because the poorer schools will have limits on their knowledge, therefore not reaching the knowledge that children from a richer school may have. It is not to say that in poorer institutes, the knowledge is terrible or not worth knowing, however children who go to these schools will not have the chance to learn to the level of richer schools. This is because poorer schools cannot afford to hire the best teachers, and although the teachers may be good, they will have less knowledge than the teachers in richer schools, in most cases. It is up to the child to really work hard if one would like to attain higher levels of knowledge, and push themselves further, unlike in richer schools where you will already be taught knowledge that is not taught in other schools. Money can buy knowledge, whilst not having money can be a disadvantage to attaining knowledge. Another way this object enriches this exhibition is because richer schools have an advantage over poorer schools, which is not exactly fair because every child deserves the same, equal opportunity, however this is simply the way the world works, money buys almost anything, including opportunities. The result of these richer children having more knowledge than the poorer children is that richer children have a better chance of doing well in life, with less struggles than a poorer child might face. Unfortunately, as of now, poorer children are not able to buy their way into knowledge, and therefore will not have the same advantages as a richer child.

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