Object 2: The George Floyd ‘I can’t breathe’ video (2021 Ichef)

May 27, 2021


This video displays George Floyd- an African American man who died after being detained in police custody as officers state that he was suspected of handling fake money on 25 May. Subsequently, they proceeded to stop him and hold him down by kneeling on his neck. Despite saying he couldn’t breathe; he wasn’t released and soon afterward died. This video was exclusively revolutionary as police violence had never been displayed on such an accessible platform. This video was followed by the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement which further highlighted the discrimination and police injustice that black people face.

The implications of viewing this video are that one is now faced with factual knowledge of racial police brutality that cannot be denied. Although many believe that racial injustice is not prominent in our generation, this video proves that it is still occurring to this day and that change is necessary. When one is faced with this knowledge, it makes it difficult to deny the reality of this issue. Consequently, if one is not provided with this knowledge it makes it easier to ignore racial equality and racism within the police institution. As a result, actions would not be taken to better the lives of black people in the USA.

This object exhibits factual evidence that was widely displayed and led to a major movement that resulted in evolution across the globe. Furthermore, it constructs consciousness about the treatment of black people currently which is unjust as our society still has a lot to achieve. It proposes the question; does a lack of knowledge make an individual ignorant.

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