Object 2: Tweet by Donald Trump

May 27, 2021


Donald Trump served as the United States 45th President from 2017-2021. This particular Tweet was published from the Ex- President’s twitter account in 2020 as a reaction to his opposition receiving more votes. Twitter labeled this tweet as false information.

This Tweet is particularly interesting for this exhibition because Twitter emphasized on their own support page and in their election fraud policy that they will, “label or remove false and … unverified information.” This suggests that someone’s personal opinion and feelings are not verified true information and therefore cannot be counted as knowledge. Donald Trump announced that the elections were “100% RIGGED,” however the general public refute his statement and agree that the elections were held properly and ethically. Furthermore, knowledge is information that is both accurate and reliable. Donald Trump lacks any evidence in his Tweet to support his argument and so it cannot count as knowledge. As such, this Tweet highlights that a general consensus among society and sufficient evidence are needed for something to be accepted as knowledge.

This Tweet also enriches the exhibition because a CNBC analysis of Trump’s tweets during his presidency found that his most popular and frequent posts largely spread disinformation and distrust. This shows that important figures and people in positions of authority are thought to be knowledgeable by the general public when in fact sometimes things they say are misleading. This can skew people’s opinions and lead them to count false information as knowledge.

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