Object 3: Cigarette Pack from 1930s

May 27, 2021


This object is an advertisement for a cigarette packet in 1931, provided by Camel. This advertisement shows a doctor holding the packet of cigarettes while the catch phrase is “Give your throat a Vacation”. The advertisement includes a long paragraph explains how good Camel cigarettes are compared to any other brand. With knowledge of the 21st century we can see the issues with this advertisement however, this was made in 1931, a time when cigarettes were being normalized as a general thing and becoming more popular.

It enhances the exhibition as cigarettes are presented in a positive context. At the time, there was not much research going on to find out how cigarettes affected the body and its health. The context in which cigarettes are presented in the 21st century makes them unattractive and unhealthy and therefore, they are rejected. The context in which this advertisement presents cigarettes, glorifies them. The word “fresh” is misleading because the word fresh is often associated with clean, suggesting that the product is clean from any harm or that it feels like fresh air when it is inhaled. The bold “give your throat a vacation” adds to the belief you the cigarette is good for your body. The context in which the cigarettes are presented in the paragraph explains that the product is good rather than opening up the assumption people might get from the bold phrases. The context in which cigarettes are presented by a doctor showing off the packet with a smile on his face allows the information to be accepted. The picture takes up most of the poster and the bold statements are at the top of the poster. Therefore, the context in which these things are presented makes it easier for the information to be accepted.

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