Object 3: Image of an article about how rape is used as a weapon against women in Tigray, Ethiopia

May 27, 2021


This object is an image of an article about how rape is used as a weapon against women in Tigray, Ethiopia. It is used to control and to intimidate. This is interesting from a TOK perspective because viewing this article as an adult or young adult is fine, however young children should not have to see this sort of mature content. This object enriches this exhibition because the implications of having this type of knowledge for people above the age of 13 are good, as it is an important topic to discuss. People who are mature enough to read and understand these topics are able to properly process the information, and certain people may be able to help the situation. Not having this sort of knowledge beyond the age of 14 would be considered naive, and if older than 18, just plain ignorance, because these are important world issues, and you could put yourself in dangerous situations without having knowledge about this content matter. Another way this object enriches this exhibition is because, on the other hand, the implications of a young child knowing about this content matter, could be harmful to them and to others. Young children have not matured enough to understand the topic, and although some may very well know, they would not be old enough to fully understand, and that can be harmful. For example, a young child may go about asking what it is, or how it works, as children are naturally curious, therefore bringing others into the situation, possibly other young children and could accidentally spread misinformation about the topic. Or, in the worst-case scenario, as most children have access to the internet, they could research and find images and more information they are not meant to see. As an adult, you should be well versed in important topics such as rape, however young children should be spared this type of knowledge, both for their own safety and for others. It is important to distinguish between the types of knowledge that are necessary for a certain category of people. You must know when to protect people from knowledge, and when to enlighten them.

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