Object 3: Online article – “Baroness Jones: why did so many people take her 6pm curfew for men proposal at face value?”

May 27, 2021


The disappearance and death of a women named Sarah Everard caused discussion on the topic of women’s safety at night. Comments were made from the metropolitan police of how women should restrict themselves from going out alone. Baroness Jones, a green party peer, went against the comments and sarcastically suggested a 6pm curfew for men. People shared their views immediately and did not look at the purpose behind the communication of the curfew suggestion. Her way of communicating was to offer something to men which women are experiencing daily, but the responses showed how they thought the opposite.

This article found online shows the challenges which are found in women raising awareness to their gender. An example in the article shows a tweet made by Nigel Farage calling the left “deranged”. This clearly shows how the information was miscommunicated as the suggestion had been taken seriously. The information shared about curfews was understood between both genders in a very contrasting way. For example, a curfew for women was understood independently through personal experience and understanding whereas for men the suggestion was shown on television in front of the House of Lords.

Another example of a challenge found was that the opinions caused a variety of misogynistic online abuse. These may be the dangers linking to mental health and the safety of the person communicating their beliefs and views. A reaction is always a dependent view which can show another person’s side of beliefs. It also shows how serious a piece of information is taken and how it may be personal especially through the division between genders. To summarize it is challenging sharing information on television and news articles which are both large platforms of communication sharing knowledge to the majority of the country. It proves how easy it is to misunderstand the concept behind information and ideas.

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