Object 3: The Rise of Hitler in my IB history textbook

May 27, 2021


This object is a chapter in my IB history textbook entitled “Hitler’s rise to power”. According to this chapter, Hitler’s rise to power contributes to a few factors including propaganda, a time of crisis due to the Great Depression, and an already complicated government system. These factors considerably impacted his facility to rise to power as the German society was desperate for any sort of aid.

By being knowledgeable about how past leaders have applied these factors to rise to power can influence our understanding of how powerful authoritarian leaders are and how persuasive they can be. Authoritarian states arise during a state of crisis, this contextual knowledge can provide a base for individuals to not be entirely oblivious by only taking into account the outer layer of a ruler’s ideals but to look more profoundly. However, it is naïve to think that history will not repeat itself and that an Authoritarian state might not arise in the future or even now with Putin’s regime in Russia. The impact of having knowledge is that one might recognize authoritarian tendencies and hence be attentive in their political decisions.

This object focuses on politics through the lens of history and how knowing about the past can influence our current and future political views. The implication of knowing about the past can affect people’s attitudes over time. For instance, according to Harvard (Sen), a state that once made slavery legal is more likely to be politically conservative. History and politics are both human sciences that emphasize the importance of one’s historical knowledge in order to make political decisions.

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