Object 3: Tweet from 16 March 2021

May 27, 2021


The final object is this tweet from 16 March 2021. The tweet describes the creator’s feeling of discomfort as a member of the Black community when non-black people use AAVE (African American Vernacular English), a language created out of necessity when african enslaved people were forced to assimilate to english-speaking environments during slavery. They comment on the fact that “chile” is often misused and can make african american people feel mocked or unwelcome.

In order for languages to survive, they must be used continuously. For this reason, many say that using AAVE is not appropriation of culture, but they key to keeping the language alive. On the other hand, some languages are the foundation of cultures as is the case with AAVE. In a time of social media and globalization it is difficult to maintain ownership of anything, let alone a language. While the language belongs to the African American community, the knowledge of the language is actively shared constantly. If those who use it in a way that makes those whose culture revolves around the language uncomfortable spent more time listening, the knowledge would be universal.

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