Object 1: A box of cassette tapes signed by Harry Styles

May 28, 2021


This box, containing three cassette tapes of Harry Styles’ album “Fine Line”, and displays a clear signature of the artist on its surface. Created in 2020 to be sold in the artist’s pop-up store, it was aimed to attract his fans and promote his new album that had just been released at the time. As one of his fans myself, I bought the box purely due to the temptation of owning an item that is signed by the artist.

I acknowledge the signature on the box to be of Harry Styles’ because in his pop-up store, it was officially displayed as a product signed by the artist. Additionally, as several footages of the artist visiting the store himself were posted on social media, it can be said that Harry Styles himself accepts this claim. However, I occasionally cannot help but question this claim anyway, of whether it was in fact signed by Harry Styles.

Though a justification could be provided to support the claim that this box was in fact signed by the artist, it is highly unlikely for one to be obtained due to the fact that the action of him ‘signing’ the box had happened in the past. Another possible method for justification would be to interrogate the artist, however, the individual could easily provide a false statement. With these challenges, it is highly unlikely for a valid evidence to be provided for this claim. Thus, in this case, the claim that this box was truly signed by the artist may be doubted by reason of lack of potentiality to find supporting evidence.

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