Object 1: A Mezuzah I made when I was young

May 28, 2021


A Mezuzah is a tradition in Judaism. The physical Mezuzah is scriptural versus encased in an elongated box and is placed slanted on a doorframe. I made my own Mezuzah when I was young and it reminds me of my culture.

The Mezuzah scriptures are placed on the doorframe to remind Jewish people of their obligations and faith towards God. However, as the world has become more technologically, and scientifically advanced many people turn away from these beliefs. Technological discoveries and advancements like discovery of cells and the moon landing are arguments against the existence of God because of the intricacies of these operations. This scientific knowledge proves why many people lose faith in religion, like Judaism. This loss of belief in religion does not mean that people will turn away from their culture, resulting in people continuing to place a Mezuzah on their door frame.

Knowledge gained from self-realization, growing up, and personal experience can also change beliefs in religion and practices like the Mezuzah. This personal acquisition of knowledge can cause people to lose their faith in a religion they were raised in. Although this self-realisation differs from scientific discovery, it is self-discovery, which helps guide people to their beliefs. Although this knew personal or scientific knowledge is gained, the Mezuzah is still a tradition found in most Jewish households, and is a value people hold onto, despite changed beliefs. The Mezuzah could be seen to many people as a cultural symbol, rather than a religious one. As Judaism is an ethno-religion, that does not require a belief in God to be Jewish, the Mezuzah is often used, as in my case, as remembrance of culture and family.

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