Object 1: Cruz campo advertisement (El Independiente, 2021)

May 28, 2021


This advertisement was produced in March 2020 by the Ogilvy agency and released in January 2021 to advertise Cruzcampo beers. It uses more than 5000 images and a generally complex composition to resurrect the image, voice and accent of the famous singer Lola Flores 25 years after her death.

This video is particularly interesting to the exhibition because it clearly shows the importance of the material tools used in the production of this commercial. The appearance of this new tool with the latest technology has allowed the creation of a fake video which features the image and sound of a very important figure in Spain, who is deceased. Thus, viewers can be influenced or manipulated into carrying out certain actions or having specific opinions because they believe that is true. In this case, spectators may be conditioned to consume Cruzcampo beer just because Lola Flores is saying so and not because they actually think that it is good. As a consequence of creating these types of videos, it is possible that in the future it will be very difficult to differentiate the truth from fiction, and humans may become suspicious by nature.

This object also enriches this exhibition because it shows the dark side of the use of these new material tools to produce contents. In terms of economic impact, in the future, people working to generate communication will no longer be needing real people, such as actors or models, to create these messages. Instead, they will be able to use synthetic characters, which are much cheaper, faster and allow for more possibilities. Lastly, in terms of the social impact, the use of these new tools in the production of knowledge may be used as a weapon against individuals when creating fake situations to damage someone’s reputation.

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