Object 1, News Article: Huawei published patent fee for 5G1

May 28, 2021


This object is a news article on internet about Huawei publishing their patent pay rate on 5G, the company can charge from anyone who want to have access to their own 5G technologies. As 5G will play an important part of our life just like how 4G is now, thus the firms in electronics industries compete each other on gaining the earliest access to 5G, a faster broadband cellular network. Huawei is one of the first firms to successfully applied to the 5G patent.

This object contributes to this exhibition because it shows how the patent owner have monopoly on the knowledge. The patent provides a proof for Huawei being the developer of this knowledge. The patent allows them to remain a legal right from the contribution of investigating this knowledge, they can exclude others from making, using, or selling an invention relevant to 5G knowledge within a period. During this period, the invention 5G is rivalrous and excludable to others but Huawei. In general, if an object is legally excludable to others but one, this person is legal owner of the object. However, this will only apply to within certain period. After the patent become invalid, the knowledge will become non- excludable to people. However, Huawei in this period is confirmed to be the legal owner of 5G, as knowledge type property.

Another way this object enriched to the exhibition is by showing Huawei’s right to charge on others from making, using, or selling an invention using the technology of 5G. In this case Huawei is renting their knowledge to people, they can make the trade because they own the knowledge, like landlord can rent land to others because they own the land and have the right to trade with it. The owner of an object has legal right to sell and rent it, like how the patent had allowed Huawei to charge from 5G users, which supports the point that Huawei is the owner of 5G knowledge.

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