Object 2: Lab-use timer

May 28, 2021


This is a lab-use timer, during experiments it provides accurate timing for scientists who’s conducting the
experiment. They then will be able to take value from the timer, put into calculations and obtain a certain result to support their exploration of knowledge. For example, to measure average speed for a moving mass, start timing when the mass starts moving and stop timing at a known distance, the known distance divided by time measured by the timer will give the value for mass’ average speed. Timer is used to gain knowledge of time.

This object enriches this exhibition because timer doesn’t always provide a constant value for knowledge of time. The theory of relativity explained the time dilation phenomenon, time will pass slower in light speed in comparison for someone standing still, because time and space will ‘bend’ for light to travel at constant speed.Therefore, if the timer is used by the person who travel at light speed, the time measured will be different with someone who stood still holding the same timer. At this point, since the knowledge of time are both valid for each, this knowledge of time only belongs to the observers due to their own situations.

On the other hand, the object contributes to this exhibition by the random errors produced during its application. When an experiment is conducted by human, for instance of measuring the average speed, due to possible parallax and various sight ability for different people, when the experiment is conducted by two scientists, it is likely for them to obtain different value of time using the same timer. Therefore, they calculate and obtain different knowledge about average speed for the moving mass. Since different people have different ability to sense time and react, the time knowledge obtained by the timer is only true to themselves, observer own their personal knowledge of time.

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