Object 2: Pau Garcia-Milá’s video – “Two tricks to train your brain”. (Garcia-Milá, P 2021)

May 28, 2021


The second object I have chosen for my exhibition is Pau Garcia-Milá’s video: “Two tricks to train your brain”. Pau Garcia-Milá is a Spanish entrepreneur who is promoting a new format in social media for the production and acquisition of knowledge based on 1-minute-long videos about different topics, such as technology, environmental aspects and life-hacks, among others.

One way in which this object contributes to the exhibition is by showing how this new video format can make a complex subject, such as training the brain to improve its capacity, accessible to a massive audience. Moreover, it achieves this without getting into elaborate matters but focusing on a very practical approach in just 60 seconds. Nowadays, society doesn’t have a lot of time to read extensive articles or watch an entire documentary, so this new type of material tool allows them to fit this knowledge into their daily routine and their necessity/willingness of getting to the main conclusions of the topic in the shortest time.

Beyond the positive effects of this material tool for the production of knowledge, which allows people to obtain certain knowledge that otherwise they would have never gained, the object also enriches the exhibition by showing the dangerous side of this easy-knowledge-consuming format. The information provided in a minute-long video is too superficial, with no time to support the outcomes with evidence. Without proof, the knowledge supplied through this new tool requires trust. As a result, all that massive audience will become vulnerable to those who are able to manipulate and change that knowledge.

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