Object 2: The earliest existent terrestrial globe

May 28, 2021


The earliest reported extant terrestrial globe was created in 1492. This globe is evidence of a paradigm shift from the belief the earth was flat, to spherical. However, the concept of the spherical shape of Earth dates back to the 3rd century BC, and the 5th century BC, where Greek philosophers mentioned the Earths spherical shape. However, the first documented globe was only made in 14923.

The first allegations of the spherical shape of the earth were made in the 3rd and 5th Century BC, however this belief was only acted on by the globe’s creation in 1492. Several years past where the newfound knowledge was doubted, even though there was scientific evidence. The passing on of this knowledge was not successful, shown by the gap between its discovery and the creation of the globe. This issue can be seen today, as some people still believe that the Earth is flat. The reluctance of people to doubt their views and beliefs is prominent here as for thousands of years people refused to take on and learn about new views and theories.

The globe has the possibility to change people’s view on society, as many maps previous to the globe centred certain countries and regions, primarily Europe (Eurocentrism). The globe displays that there is not a centred country to the world, whereas before the globe many societies viewed the world in different ways because of the map system. This may lead to some countries or areas believing they have superiority because of their placement. The globes creation showed society a closely true interpretation of the earth and perhaps changed people’s views and beliefs, without enlarging, shrinking, or placing any countries or regions in the centre.

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