Object 3: A Quora Thread: Does God exist?3

May 28, 2021


This object is a Quora thread about ‘Whether God exist’, where Quora is a knowledge sharing platform for the internet users. Quora is a forum where questions are raised and answered by users, in this case a question of ‘Does God exist?’ is asked, and other Quora users are sharing their opinion-based knowledge about this question. In here, knowledge is produced through discussion between users who holds different perspectives and viewpoints. In other words, Quora provides the optimal version of knowledge based on individual conception.

This object enriched the exhibition because it provides opinion type of knowledge. In this thread, there’re more than 100 answers to the questions of ‘Does God exist?’. This single thread involves a lot of communication and sharing of knowledges, people with difference perspective will give different answer to the question. Some say ‘Yes God exists’ and give possible evidence, some say ‘No God do not exists’, discussion happens between these Quora users, trying to convince each other. In this process, they discover and investigate knowledge, each being the founder of the knowledge, thus they are the owner of knowledge. However, most of the knowledge produced under this situation is opinion-based is not necessarily being the black-and-white answer for the questions, it can differ for different people with different perspective.

Another perspective that made this object meaningful for this exhibition was all the discussion around God’s existence happened in Quora, therefore it is where knowledge is “produced” during the discussions. If a researcher has used this piece of information from this thread in his or her writing, it’s necessary to cite the knowledge as ‘according to Quora’. This is to say information is produced in Quora. Therefore, Quora will always own this knowledge as its “birthplace”.

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