Object 3: “BBC Newsbeat. 2017. “German Advertisement Criticised for Using Maori Haka.” BBC. May 11, 2017. Accessed April 12, 2021. https://www.bbc.co.uk

May 28, 2021


My third object is an online article from BBC News from the year 2017, reporting about a German insurance company called ARAG performing the Māori Haka. This TV spot got backlash all over the world, reaching my attention as well, because I have seen many traditional performances of indigenous people around the world (including the Hula in Hawaii, ‘Ori Tahiti in French Polynesia and the Powwow in the United States).  “Foot stamping, loud chanting, tongue protrusions, and rhythmic body slapping are all part of the haka dance, which is performed in a group to demonstrate their tribe’s pride, strength, and unity.“ This dance was introduced in the 19th century to prepare warriors mentally and physically on the battlefield for combat, or to come together in peace.8 Thinking about this object, I realized that it is not just a dance for entertainment like we have it in Bavaria, Germany with the “Schuhplattler”, but behind it there are long-standing traditions and cultures that need to be cherished and respected.

I have chosen this object to show that unlike the first 2 objects, there is no interaction with knowers taking place. This proves that if you don’t have interactions, your knowledge is limited and without doing this intentionally, you cannot be respectful of the indigenous culture. This won’t assist the development of our knowledge.

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