Object 3: Current DNA model

May 28, 2021

Object 3: Current DNA model

The current DNA model (image 3) was made by James
Watson and Francis Crick in 1953. To create this model, there
were many people involved. For instance, they first needed
the knowledge that DNA is made with nucleotides, which was
found in 19195. Rosalind Franklin has made a huge impact as
she used x-ray and found out that DNA was arranged in a double
helical structure6. When Watson and Crick saw the x-ray picture, they were able to make the current model.

By using these understanding, Watson and Crick began their process of making the model. They constructed the model with trial-and-error method. Each time they produced a new model, they used what they learned from their early prototypes. This illustrates that past knowledge about the structure of DNA has allowed the scientists to realise the mistake and make amendments. For example, if they had not tried to create the model with three helical structure, they would not have been able to comprehend why double helical structure was better.

The model tells us why the DNA has to be structured in the way Watson and Crick presented. Once it was made, it has allowed many studetns, such as myself, to develop their knowledge during biology class. For example, I would not have been able to understand how genes could be replicated if the model did not exist. It could have been a challenging task for teachers as well because the model helped us by visualising the reactions that take place in our body.

The existing DNA model was an improvement of the past knowledge and will continue to expand people’s knowledge. As the model was created, we can understand why the DNA is arranged in this way and we can build more from it. It will contribute to the future inventions such as personalised medicine, which can treat illness more efficiently.

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