Object 3: My camera on my iPhone

May 28, 2021

Object 3: My camera on my iPhone

My iPhone camera I use to capture moments of my life that are important to me through taking photos. I would find it difficult using a large camera that is impractical, or a camera that has limited storage. Rapid technological advancement means that traditional ways of photography are disappearing because peoples’ preference to new technology.

The increasing rate of technological development involving cameras results in more people gaining access to smartphones. As demand for new camera phones increase, more knowledge into smartphone technology and engineering will be gained. This new knowledge allows people to build on and discover values and beliefs about the world. Smartphones are deemed easier to use which encourages the switch from film camera to the smartphone. While film cameras are associated with patience, modern cameras give us our photo instantly, prizing innovation. This switch from traditional to smartphone cameras shows that new knowledge can change values and beliefs through consumer preferences.

The new camera technology proposes that you can ‘redo’ a moment in time. Whereas when this was not possible, more people may have had the mindset of ‘living in the moment’. Many people had a camera as an added luxury, instead of modern smartphone cameras, which purpose is usually taking images to post on social media. Cameras now could be seen as overused as they have been made extremely efficient. Often people will have thousands of photos stored, whereas in the past people may feel they did not take enough photos. People that owned both traditional and smartphone cameras possibly have a preference between both caused by their newfound knowledge. The gaining of knowledge about modern smartphones and traditional cameras, will change and develop views and beliefs towards both.

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