Object 1: Chemistry notebook

June 1, 2021


This notebook was initially purchased to be used as a chemistry notebook until I dropped the subject, and used it instead as a sketchbook, in order to keep track of my progress as an artist and release stress. The book is filled with notes, formulas and multiple calculations related to chemistry, as well as 7 drawings and 5 smaller sketches; meaning that this book holds a large amount of knowledge, both in chemistry and art.

When reading through the notebook, it can be seen that there is an equal amount of art and chemistry; an equal amount of pages have been given to both. However, one may argue that the information provided in the chemistry notes is more ‘important’ than the knowledge displayed with the art, because maths and science are considered to core areas of knowledge; they are held in high regard because of the idea of ‘accuracy.’ In both fields, there is a lot of emphasis put on having a ‘correct answer’ or ‘correct outcome,’ with a lot of stress put on repeated, accurate testing methodology to ensure that results are both precise and accurate.

As well as this, the information provided through the chemistry notes and calculations are not personal in any shape of form; they are simply numbers in a forgotten calculation. The information that the art displays, however, is extremely personal to me, the artist; it maps out progress in a way that calculations could never fully express. The art also helps to show the individuality of each piece, and each piece has some sort of motive behind it; it may have been the result of stress, inspiration from another stimulus, or simply for practice.

Both areas of knowledge are useful, but in contrasting ways.

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