Object 2: Screenshots of a comment section under a YouTube video of Emma Watson

June 1, 2021


These are screenshots of a comment section under a YouTube video of Emma Watson explaining why men have trouble with feminism. It came out in 2017. This is interesting from a Tok perspective because of the opinions and interpretation of the topic. Many of the comments like one above, maintain that Emma Watson explaining how men feel is wrong, and counter- intuitive to the ideals of modern feminism. The other side of the argument sate that their offense may mean their correct.

This object is particularly interesting for this exhibition because almost all the comments on this video state that a woman talking about men’s feelings is wrong. However, the comments on video presented the challenge that when people communicate avidly about shared beliefs, in this case feminism, it can cause echo chambers. This meant that the people in the comments were conversing with people who agreed with them, leaving little room for an alternate opinion Generally, echo chambers leave people with view which only corresponds their own ideology, causing ignorance.

This object enriches this exhibition because it raises the challenge that when people communicate about feminism in an atmosphere where people are agree and support each other’s beliefs, it can cause people to bully and degrade who challenge their opinion rather than probe and question the other side respectfully. This creates a hostile environment which is focused on the majority belief rather than critiquing an analysing the problematic nature of the video.

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