Object 3: A book

June 1, 2021


The third is my personal copy of the book ‘sing at sight’ by William Appleby. While it was a book I had been asked to purchase with the intention of starting out in sight singing as a beginner, the book does not actually contain any instructions or tips about improving on the skill; instead, it has a selection of exercises that the user has to practice in order to build on their ability to sight-sing, making it an interesting object to look into, since there is already the assumption that the student using the book has basic knowledge in sight-singing.

The knowledge of the skill of sight singing is useful since it allows for the singer to learn a piece of repertoire just by reading through the score once, rather than having to listen and practice it a lot just to get a basic understanding of the piece.
However, this does not mean that singing at sight is the most effective method to learn a piece; a lot more external factors can affect a singer’s vocal performance, and everyone has a different way of learning a piece.

Ultimately, while sight-singing is definitely a very convenient skill to have, it cannot be said with absolute certainty that the knowledge gained from that method is more useful than the knowledge gained from other methods, purely because of how many factors effect a vocalist’s performance.

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