Object 1: Math integration video uploaded by “우프과외방송”1

June 2, 2021


This video was searched up to find what’s the integration of ! after learning integration. However, due to lack of knowledge I couldn’t understand the answer and had to look for another video. This is when I thought it would be interesting to see the object in TOK perspective since the reason behind searching video and the process of gaining knowledge seems to be related to the question “why do we seek knowledge?”.

This video enriches the exhibition since the reason behind watching video was due to the curiosity which was generated from my knew knowledge. As mentioned above, this video was searched right after gaining knowledge ‘how to solve integration’ which means if I didn’t gain knowledge, I wouldn’t have been looking for this video. This was interesting to see because we sometimes think we seek knowledge because we’re ignorant when it’s because we are knowledgable. This highlights that questions arise from our knowledge and even though the question is answered, the knowledge that we gained generates another question. Because we think constantly, this process won’t stop and therefore will always try to seek knowledge to find an answer.

This video is also interesting for this exhibition by showing basic knowledge is required to absorb more complex knowledge. While I was watching this video, I couldn’t understand how ! integrates to tan . So, although the video gave me the answer, complex knowledge, I couldn’t absorb the knowledge because I didn’t know the reason, basic knowledge, behind it. As a result, the video led me to look for another video that explains the process. This shows that to gain complex knowledge understanding the basic knowledge is crucial. This idea can be enlarged to our life. Humans tend to want to know complex knowledge such as ‘what is life’ and study to gain knowledge so that they could answer to this question. ‘Seeking knowledge to understand the world’ this is what the first object is showing to us.

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