June 2, 2021


These red tulips are a gift from my father to my mother. As a sign of love, he gave them to her, because in European culture people give flowers to portray emotions. He bought them on the first weekend in March, to make my mother happy and to use it as a decoration. The idea of using tulips as a decorative element is very common, especially during Easter. Traditionally in Czech Republic people decorate their homes in Easter spirit to welcome spring as they see it as new beginning.

One way in which these tulips enrich the exhibition is the absence of cultural purpose from this act. My dad’s act doesn’t come from cultural traditions. In our culture, flowers were not given to people on day-to-day bases. They were only given if there was an important event, such as a wedding. As people nowadays buy flowers for more casual reasons, we don’t perceive it as majestically anymore. It is therefore debatable if all acts are worth enough to cause the death to the flowers. One claims, robbing our nature and killing flowers is unnecessary. This could be refuted by the fact that cultural purposes are simply reasonable enough to do so.

Another way in which these tulips contribute to this exhibition is that gifting flowers differentiates based on culture and on the type of the flower. For instance, in China white flowers are only used for funerals. Conversely in Russia white flowers can be given to anyone. However, our knowledge tells us that a flower is like any other flower, so the colour should not determine anything as the act of giving it to someone is more important.

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