Object 2: A Washington Post Article

June 2, 2021


This article was uploaded by the Washington Post on the 4th of January 2021 and claimed that the newspaper had acquired a recording of a conversation Donald trump had with the Georgia secretary of state. This however was not true, and their information had been gotten from a source. When the original recording was found it was revealed that the Post had wrongly quoted the then President.

This article contributes to the exhibition because the revelation that the original article was wrong was revealed by the post themselves, and the article was revised, but it had been 3 months, so no one really cared, and the revised story did not reach many of its original readers. Additionally, if the post had decided to withhold the fact that the original article contained false information, the public would have been certain that the false quotes were trumps exact words for years to come. It was up to them whether the public knew the truth or not. This highlights how easy it is for the media control what we believe to be certain.

This article also adds to this exhibition because it raises the issue of trust. This time around, the original quotes, even though false still ran with the general idea that Trump had called Georgia’s Secretary of State to attempt to influence the work of Georgia’s elections investigators. But if the story published had strayed much farther from the truth, people would have still believed it because it came from a big news service, that has gained people’s trust, the Washington Post. This shows just how hard it is to be certain of information gotten from the internet. It also questions the certainty of other Post articles. Since the post outright lied about its sources on a story involving someone as important as the President of the United States, we cannot be completely certain that they have not and will not do it again.

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