Object 2: Flute

June 2, 2021


This flute was given to me as a birthday gift. I’ve never asked my parents that I want it however they gave it to me since it was their will for me to play flute and thought it would be helpful for me in the future. Although I didn’t enjoy playing flute that much, the fact that I am still learning brought a question ‘why am I still learning this?’.

This object was chosen for the exhibition since it would be interesting to see reason behind seeking knowledge although I didn’t enjoy learning it. My parents’ wish for me to learn flute, their expectation towards me and the idea that I should be a good daughter started to pressure me and because I wanted to get out of from this pressure, I decided to learn flute. This highlights that we sometimes seek knowledge not because we want to but being pressured by someone else. If we look our world, there are so many situations when people are being forced and pressured to learn knowledge because of the expectations from their parents and friends. Therefore, this object points out negative reason why we seek knowledge.

The object also enriches the exhibition by highlighting the importance of knowledge in modern days, therefore shows knowledge is acting as a survival means in our society. As mentioned, my parents wanted me to play flute since they thought it will be helpful for the university application. Although I didn’t enjoy playing flute, I am still learning it because musical knowledge, learning how to play instrument, is something that not many people can have and therefore will make my university application more unique than others. Considering that my parents stopped me learning piano simply because it’s too common, the object highlights that unique knowledge is seek by people since it increases their chance of survival in our society.

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