June 2, 2021


This heart necklace made from crystal called “hematite” was a gift from my mother to me. Together we chose that the heart will be made of this crystal. We based our decision on the seller’s knowledge about Hematite’s function. Hematite is a natural form of iron and a representative of protective amulets. This is because of its ‘mirror’ surface that is supposed to divert any negativity targeting the wearer. Without any proof of the crystal actually having this power, we chose to believe the seller. Same as with the website, I used to reinsure that the function of the crystal is correct, there isn’t a way how to prove its reliability, yet we still choose to believe in it.

This necklace enriches this exhibition because, although I cannot scientifically prove the hematite actually works, I still believe in it because I believe in its history and the strong connection it has to European culture. Hematite was admired by ancient Greeks as they associated iron with the god of war. Before battle, Greek soldiers rubbed their bodies with hematite to make themselves invulnerable. This represents how, no matter developed we are, there are still people, like Chinese shamans, that continue believing in these scientifically inexplicable objects because their culture is stronger and more reasonable to them then the knowledge of the current world.

This necklace also enriches this exhibition because although my mum doesn’t believe in the power it has, she still contributed to the process of decision making. She decided to make it from Hematite only because it sounds nice, but her knowledge tells her that such super naturality is dysfunctional and only delusion from the past. This shows how people may not believe in the cultural significance it has yet are still able to appreciate it and are willing to buy it. They buy it because of the legend behind it than the actual belief that it works.

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