June 2, 2021


This sanitary bin is in every bathroom in our school for girls to throw their used sanitary products. Made of plastic, it has a motion sensor, so the user doesn’t have to touch the bin as it automatically opens. They were invented approximately in 1955 because before females would flush their waste, hide it behind the toilets or kept it and carry around which was very unsanitary. It is a UK regulation to have in public bathrooms, but it’s not like that everywhere and in some countries the usage is even abandoned.

This bin contributes to this exhibition because not everywhere women are allowed or able to use it. In North Korea’s countryside people are not allowed to use any type of one-time product, including sanitary products. For this reason, women reuse old clothes or blankets. For many countries this is normal. In some parts of Nepal, the situation is even as they have a tradition called “Chhaupadi” when a menstruating woman is required to stay in a shed, outside the family home, as she’s perceived as cursed and untouchable. Although it is culturally normalised, it causes serious implications on women’s health and freedom which causes death of many females.

This bin also enriches this exhibition because its absence is caused by the government that is ruled my males and is harmful to women. In majority of cultures, men are perceived as the leaders and women as the followers, but as we evolve, we become more aware that everyone should have equal rights. Therefore, men should not be perceived as the only leaders, as they cannot understand the problems that other sex must endure. Having the knowledge of human rights, women have the rights to have the access to it and protect themselves from bacteria and illnesses.

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