“Music is good for the soul” 


Carolina Abdo and Ava Parkinson

The pandemic has made it immensely difficult for many (especially among students) to maintain a sense of balance in their day-to-day life. One of these reasons is because it’s so hard to lose track of a healthy lifestyle when you’re surrounded by the same four walls in front of the same screen every single day for hours and hours on end, due to quarantine or revising.

We want to encourage the use of music as a means of replenishment and refreshment, whether you’re worried about exams or preparing for your summer holidays.

If you’re feeling uninspired, we’ve cultivated 4 playlists for you! A playlist for your journey to and from school, a study playlist, Marymount Messenger top picks and some songs we’d like to dance to with Zola Ivy.

Walk to School:




MMM Top Picks:


Songs I’d like to dance to with Zola Ivy