Life in Boarding at Marymount

Veronika Zivotska

Becoming a boarder in the Marymount community was truly a life changing moment. This unique experience teaches you how to be accepting to others and their cultures, how to be responsible and, most importantly, independent. All these aspects will prepare you for your future, as you will learn to face challenges in order to become hard working, strong and self-aware.

Because the boarding experience is different for everyone, here are some student accounts to provide further explanation and more opinions on what it’s like to be a boarder. Kiana Fathi was chosen as someone who has been a part of the boarding community since Grade 6 and is therefore experienced as a boarder. Vanina Sezalory was very dependent on her mum before she came.  Now, she has had multiple experiences in different boarding schools. Last but not least Marguerite Lau. She is a Grade 12 student who had to face the obstacles that come with boarding along with doing the final IB exams.


Kiana Fathi- Grade 11

“When I came to boarding in Grade 6, I was scared because it was the first time I have ever been away from my mum. Beginning was definitely the hardest. A lot of the nights I was calling my mum because I just missed her so much, but with time that went away as I became friends with my roommate. Boarding made us much closer and by each year I felt more comfortable and that I could stay without my mum for longer. I became more independent, more confident and more mature because for some things like doing laundry or traveling alone I couldn’t rely on my parents anymore. I think this happened because you get so wrapped up into this lifestyle and it becomes a huge part of you. I wouldn’t change this experience because it really taught me a lot and it made me who I am today.”


Vanina Sezalory- Grade 11

“Being here taught me a lot. From learning how to be more independent, mature or how to deal with my own problems and set my priorities. It is a good preparation for life, but I think it might be a bit too harsh especially for people from younger grades. It’s a huge jump from being at home to suddenly being here  and having to share the bathrooms or follow rules for when you have come for food or when you have to go to sleep. It kind of reminds me of being in university already but comparing it to previous boarding school, this place is better because it feels homier. What I like about here is that it’s not too big, which is good because I feel like the smaller the community is, the better it is. For example, right now I finished my work, and I went to the dining hall, knowing that there is someone who I can chat with and it’s not empty. Once you’ve gone past that stage of the hard part, you are in a really good position as you’re ready for the real world. When I came in grade 9, I struggled a lot because I’m really close to my mum and my dad. In the beginning it was hard to find a balance as I would call my parents all the time but then as I continued grade 9 and 10, I became more distant with my mum, but in a good way, because I needed to create my own personality. I used to be obsessed with my mum, I wanted to agree with her, I wanted to be like her because I simply looked up to her, which is not bad, but it was necessary for me to come here, so I could become my own self.”


Marguerite Lau- Grade 12

“A huge advantage of this place is that you are always able to access classrooms, the sports hall or the auditorium, which is good if you need some resources or to focus on your studies. Another thing I like about boarding is the social life because you are always surrounded by your friends, but at the same time you can be alone if you want. The only disadvantage that comes to my mind now is that as we get older, we still don’t have that kind of freedom that we would have if we were living with our parents. If you want to have a good boarding experience, then you need to find some balance as you need to have self-control, so that you don’t spend the whole night watching movies (laughs). I recommend boarding to people that live far from the school and to people who have problems with studying because living in the school will definitely help you a lot with that. Living here taught me some independence and I see it as a nice transition for university, so when I go there it will be easier to get used  to the environment.”

Keep in mind that you don’t have to base your opinions on anyone else’s. But overall, from what we can see from these accounts, Marymount boarding is definitely a lovely, warm and welcoming. We are a community that’s always willing to provide help and support when needed and try their hardest to do their job as good as possible.