Emma Raducanu and her triumphant success in winning the US open at only 18!


Fleur Labbé

“A young lightning bolt” declares the Telegraph, “a remarkable victory at the US Open” declares the Sun, “an inspiration to the next generation” declares the Queen.

In September 2021, Emma Raducanu became the first qualifier to win a Grand Slam title at the US Open and the youngest Brit of all time. Born in Toronto, Canada, Raducanu began playing tennis at the age of 5 with Bromley Tennis Club.

Her dad was a huge inspiration for her and was the person who influenced her to start playing. The determination and perseverance she displayed are what made her the first qualifier to win a Grand slam title at the US Open. Not only did this come across in her speeches and social media posts, but it also showed through her rise to become No.1 inside the top 25 rankings for the first time ever in her professional career.

Earlier in this year, Raducanu reached the fourth round of Wimbledon becoming the youngest British woman to make it to the championships in the Open era. Emma is supported by the LTPA Pro scholarship programme which is the highest level of support a tennis athlete can gain between the ages of 16-24. Within this scholarship, they gain a better pathway into reaching the ATP/WTA top 100 singles. In addition to excelling in the Grand Slams, she gained popularity by competing in the 2021 Wimbledon Championships. The match was undoubtedly the biggest match of Emma’s professional career, and ultimately, she was defeated 6-4, 3-0 by Ajla Tomlijavnoc. Her opponent raced in with a 3-0 advantage and continued this raced whilst Radacanu appeared to be frequently crouching down in pain during the second set due to apparent stomach cramps which despite her best efforts, she was unable to compete against which than resulted in her losing the following set 3-0 to Tomjanovich.Due to Emma’s injuries, she was advised to withdraw from the competition because of her inability to breathe correctly, hindering her from performing her best. Despite the British crowd’s disappointment, she explained that this was the best course for her, not only physically but also mentally. Emma explained this further via her Twitter account: “I was playing the best tennis of my life in front of an amazing crowd this week and I think the whole experience caught up with me, at the end of the first set, after some super intense rallies, I started to breathe heavily and felt dizzy. The medical team advised me not to continue and although it felt like the hardest thing in the world not to be able to finish my Wimbledon on the court, I was not well enough to carry on.”

While her achievements in the sporting industry served as inspiration for many adults and teenagers, she also showcased a vulnerable side to her while prioritizing mental health, which continues to be a stigmatized issue to this day, especially in sports.

Despite Emma’s struggle to regain participation in competition and matches, coach Andrew Richardson (one of her longest coaches) says that her mental strength will always continue to amaze people. He described this as Emma’s “most valuable asset.”, her ability to deal with adversity and stress is something the public and her coaches expect to see more of going forward. Fans and even the tennis industry themselves, are not stopping in encouraging her just yet, it is expected that she will continue to shine in future tournaments and competitions and will show the English public that she is not yet finished impressing them. We can’t wait to see how the 18-year-old prodigy will continue to amaze crowds in upcoming matches and see the legacy she will uphold through her mental and physical strength.


Is Emma Raducanu likely to emerge as one of tennis’ next big stars? What do you think?




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