Grade 12 Spookhouse: A Spooktacular Success!

Sofía Masondo

On Friday the 6th of November, whilst Grades 6 through 11 thumped music, danced and laughed their way through their annual Halloween skits, the Grade 12s crept to the eastern half of campus to undertake the most secret of tasks… bringing the Spookhouse to life!

The annual Grade 12 Spookhouse is a unique Marymount tradition, where the seniors of the school turn the classrooms we see everyday into a terrifying haunted house experience for the school community. It has become somewhat of an urban legend among students, and is one of the most treasured experiences for the graduating class. This year’s theme was fairytales, with each building focusing on a different tale; the Art block was an unsettling tea party from Alice in Wonderland, the Science block featured a visit from a bloody Snow White and finally, Our Lady’s took visitors on a trip through Neverland before leaving them to “run for their lives” at the other end. Staff might say that the best part of preparing the Spookhouse is the opportunity to come together as a class, but the students will tell you that the opportunity to yell at younger students is just too good to miss.

Grade 12s were let go from their classes after lunch and immediately got to work draping fabrics, splashing fake blood and putting on their scariest makeup looks. In typical Class of 2022 fashion, our organisation skills led to some panicked running about for supplies, but by four o’clock we had decorated every room beautifully (or horrifically?) and waited with bated breath to welcome our visitors. Due to COVID-19, we haven’t been able to host a Spookhouse at school since 2019, so we were even more excited to bring the tradition back with a bang. Ava and Vitto, G12, said:

“On the inside, we thought it was a bit of a disaster in terms of planning but we all pulled it together and did a really amazing job… we managed to make something that worked for both the younger and the older years. In the end, we all had fun and it was an irreplaceable experience!” – Ava

“We pulled it out of the bag, and it surprisingly worked! We received a lot of praise, and that was an amazing surprise!” – Vitto

As the sun set outside the buildings, the tour guides brought the first class through the fairytale portal and screams began to resound across campus. The experience lasted about 20 minutes for each grade, where visitors were accosted with riddles, chased out of buildings and made to crawl through tunnels, with jolts and shouts at every corner. Of course, at the end, students were rewarded with sweets. Angie Lee, and Chiara Boehnke, both G11, said about the experience:

“I loved it, because in my old school, we had a Spookhouse as well but this one was much more interactive… I really liked the Alice in Wonderland concept, it was really scary, especially the White Rabbit! I could tell everyone put a lot of effort into their costumes, and I loved the story concept.” – Angie

“I’m new to the school as well, and everybody had been talking about it and had hyped it up very much; I have to say, I wasn’t disappointed! I loved that it was three different themes, and I loved all the details. It was great.” – Chiara

Needless to say, Grade 12 has a lot to be proud of, and have left big shoes to fill for next year’s Grade 11…

Enjoy a gallery of the Spookhouse and all the participants below!