Adele’s ’30’

It’s been a long wait; six years to be precise, since Adele’s last album ‘25’, the record that turned her into one of the most successful artists of all time. Finally, after what felt like she disappeared off of the face of the planet, she makes a comeback with ‘30’, named after the age she was when she married ex-husband Simon Konecki.

Sounding extraordinarily vulnerable, it is clear that Adele no longer writes music to achieve towering sales figures and instead shares some of her most raw and guarded emotions. Many may be wondering why someone who appears to have valued privacy so intensely over the past years, suddenly opens up about some of her most painful experiences and times in her life. But hey, who doesn’t appreciate the smouldering soul songs addressed to her nine-year-old son Angelo, breaking all of our hearts every so slightly.

In a recent Instagram live, Adele opened up about some of the inspirations behind her latest works, “divorce babe, divorce”. After releasing one of ‘30’s lead singles ‘Easy on Me’, fans went ecstatic about the upcoming release of the new album. She went on to explain that the album is an attempt to explain her deep-rooted feelings around her and ex-husband Simon Konecki’s divorce. She wanted to use her songs as an explanation to her son, to answer some of his questions as to why she chose to dismantle his entire life in the pursuit of her own happiness. He didn’t understand what was happening, causing Adele to question a lot of her decisions and roots of happiness. In an interview with the British Vogue she states that ‘that’s a real wound for [her] and that [she] doesn’t know if [she’ll] ever be able to heal from it’. She revealed that ‘Easy on Me’ was the first record she wrote for the new album and that it said almost everything she needed to say. For the first time Adele feels ready to tell people her side of the story.

If you’re one of the loyal ones, you’ll know that Adele has been trying really hard to figure out how to pull off a world tour amidst the ongoing pandemic and in her Vogue interview she did add that she has a couple of options in the pipeline and her team is working hard to figure out what is most doable. She humourously said ‘Maybe I’ll be busking in the tube, we don’t know do we?!’, so look out, there might be something brewing up soon! And in the meantime, get ready for the TV performances that are currently in the works, as well as major interviews like the exclusive sit-down with Oprah Winfrey!