Here are 14 reasons why nature is good for your wellbeing:

By following these fifteen tips, both students and teachers can take a break from their hectic schedules and go outside to improve their mental health/wellbeing and introduce new habits within the school day.

  1. Effect on stress- research says that spending time in nature will lower stress levels
  2. Offers a break- spending time outside allows people to relax and take a break
  3. Increases focus and attention – after spending time outside, it is shown to help you be more productive, and it is easier to concentrate
  4. Augments social interaction, nature fosters connections and social interactions, which are essential for a healthy life and mental wellbeing
  5. Shown to improve resilience- according to Go green, a 2003-2008 study showed that nature acted as a remedy and a resource to people in crisis [1]
  6. Calming domino effect- not only does it help to relax people, but it also promotes peace and tranquillity
  7. Improves creativity and problem-solving
  8. People with depression can benefit from interactions within nature as it can generate a multitude of positive emotions, such as calmness, joy, and creativity
  9. Nature walks are said to benefit the heart- it is said that nature exerts on cardiovascular function and that walking in nature reduces blood pressure
  10. Engaging in nature orientated activities like gardening are said to enhance self-esteem and mood
  11. Encourages people to be more active
  12. Relieves feelings of isolation
  13. Being around nature is said to help people feel more grateful and appreciative
  14. When feeling overwhelmed or overworked, going outside is a great way to help you feel better and at peace – it is an immediate course of action that will have almost instantaneous effects