New sports hall to open after Christmas


Renovations to Marymount’s sports hall have been eagerly anticipated for students and teachers. Despite challenges, construction is expected to be completed next semester. Built in 1994, the sports hall was in need of repairs to the ventilation, changing rooms, and shower rooms. Mr Pierce, Head of Maintenance, says that “It will be a nicer environment to do sports in, which will encourage students to get involved in future sports and raise school spirit”. The sports hall was next in the school’s refurbishment plans as they have already finished the boarding halls, the kitchen and overall work around school. “It was the sports hall’s time,” says Mr Pierce when asked about the prioritisation of the sports hall.


Mr. Pierce’s perspective –head of maintenance 

As different teachers were interviewed, the behind-the-scenes became clearer, throughout the whole process, Mr. Pierce has been in charge and overseeing construction.

One main question Mr. Pierce was asked was related to the difficulty of the renovations and the current process. “It has been a difficult situation, he said, mostly because they had to keep space for student use, meaning it was not transformed into a complete construction site but remained relatively normal. This pushed them back, timewise, due to a lack of space. The noise and interruptions also played a significant factor in complications they faced; whether it was regarding boarding students or assemblies, builders were constricted and lost valuable time. Another problem they encountered during the refurbishment journey was keeping the old main building of the sports hall intact, it is challenging as construction isn’t starting from scratch. Fortunately, builders are installing something called a retrofit. This is insulation work, but it is being installed in a more sustainable and economical manner.”



PE teachers whose classes have been moved around are excited for the sports hall renovations to be finished. When interviewed, in response to the most frequently asked question, ‘when will it be ready?’, they responded that the deadline had been pushed three times, beginning in September then moving to November 2 (after half-term). It is currently expected to be completed in January (after the Christmas break). The majority of the delays were caused by problems with the supply chain, most notably by shortages of materials and staff shortages and transportation delays related to demand spikes for consumer goods and construction materials.

According to Miss Russell, the new sports hall will have the following advantages;

  • There will be a double-sized gym, making it more effective and accessible to all members of the community
  • Changing rooms will be more accessible, and there will be greater room to get changed
  • Students will feel proud to host guests and/or other schools in this new space

Another person interviewed was Mr Robertson, an art and design teacher. Being an art teacher, Mr Robertson is interested in the aesthetics of architecture, and is very curious about the final result. He is intrigued by the interior space it will offer and how it has been designed to make full use of the available area. While he is interested in exploring the new gym facilities and hopes to take advantage of them, he is most curious about the sports hall and how it will be remodelled, more specifically, what its final appearance will be.



The new sports hall will be essential to Marymount’s grade six students since they will use it for the longest time. Through an interview with Emily, grade 6, she said that she was very excited about the new features and to start using them as she enjoys sports, especially football. Emily is a boarder and has mentioned that she has been wanting to exercise more and finds it hard to do it in her room. She is very excited to use the sports hall after school and even on the weekends, Emily appreciates the provision of changing rooms, so she won’t have to wear her PE kit as much.

Due to the lengthy renovation of the sports hall, it is important to hear the point of view from those who might not have as much time left to utilize the school campus and might not have as much time remaining at Marymount in general, grade 12. During her time at Marymount, Sakshi has been interested in different aspects of the sport and enjoyed participating in different activities and exchanging memories with her friends. Though she won’t have as much time to experience it as she would have liked, she is looking forward to participating in upcoming opportunities.


What are they currently up to? 

On November 5, the new heating system for the sports hall building was installed,

over the Christmas holidays, builders will install the new light fixtures. Progress has also been made inside the gym, as well as in the changing rooms and showers.


We hope you are as excited as we are!