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Being a journalist seemed the ideal of both having a job and experiencing the world, especially for anyone with a sense of adventure. – Jackie Kennedy


What an adventure this year has been! For us, journalism seems the best way to explore our creative side while still being grounded in the reality of our world. Whatever this year has taught us, it definitely includes assessing the credibility of our news sources. This year’s goal at the Marymount Messenger is to provide a platform for the school to share news, read about current events around the world and inspire ethical reporting within the school community. If you have a passion for writing and an inkling to understand more about your contributions to the world we live in, we encourage you to read our issues and engage through comments. 


As the first group of students leading the Messenger, we are incredibly proud of how far we’ve come and the new friendships we made. This has been an extraordinary journey and we can’t wait to see what we accomplish this year. So, please keep reading, keep writing and above all – never lose that sense of adventure for uncovering the complex layers of this world. 


Happy reading!  






Sasha Miller        Mariam Eapen 


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