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Non-Fiction Book Recommendations

Non-Fiction Book Recommendations

May 11, 2020

Invisible Women by Caroline Criado Perez In a world that’s been designed for men, women’s needs often go by unnoticed. According to The Guardian, the word “feminism” has become so familiar that people have begun to feel tired of hearing it. A recent survey uncovered that more than two-thirds...

20 Things You Can Do to Avoid Cabin Fever

20 Things You Can Do to Avoid Cabin Fever

March 30, 2020

It’s 2020, and we’ve spent much of the year worrying about whether we should be spending time outdoors, cancelling social functions, and singing ‘happy birthday’ at the sink about thirty times a day. Now that Marymount is closing down, we’ll be spending a lot more time in our homes. Despite ou...


Eating When Full

January 25, 2020

When thinking about a topic to write about, we remembered about Nutrition week that happened in school last semester. We were informed on topics such as eating healthy, what food is good for your body and in what way a healthy diet can help you in your daily life. Many of us are vowing to make a change...

What is your diet's carbon footprint?

What is your diet’s carbon footprint?

December 29, 2019

Climate change is a defining issue of our times. The way that we deal with the warming climate and the increasing occurrence of natural disasters is going to change the way that our future looks forever. Millennials and Generation Z are those most worried about climate change (1), which includes us- ...

Christmas Around the World

Christmas Around the World

Sakshi Athreya

December 13, 2019

Christmas is a celebration that takes place annually on December the 25th, commemorating the birth of Jesus with most cultures focusing the December public holiday around this day. The majority of Christians traditionally celebrate this occasion religiously, although people from other faiths or none oft...

Source: Pixabay, 2014.

Thanksgiving at Marymount

November 28, 2019

  If someone had mentioned Thanksgiving to me when I still lived in Rome, all I would have thought about is plates filled with delicious food and desserts to die for. However, when I moved to London and started attending Marymount, I learnt that it’s a lot more than that.   This...

‘Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse’ Will Make a Comeback in April 2022

Source: @kaydeefoxx on twitter

Vitto Ginevri

November 20, 2019

Sony’s “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse 2” was hinted at months ago, and has finally been confirmed. According to The Hollywood Reporter, this follow-up is currently in production along with an all-female spinoff which will feature more Spider-Man characters. The teaser video for the upcoming...

Hope Cladwell and Soupy Sue

‘Urinetown’: The Musical

November 15, 2019

The buzz has already begun! This year Marymount London’s annual production will be a musical satire of the legal system, capitalism and social irresponsibility called ‘Urinetown’! It was written by Greg Kotis, the music composed by Mark Hollmann and lyrics written by both Kotis and Hollmann. It...

A Night of Dancing

Nadiyah Hansraj, Photographer

November 14, 2019

  Do you like dancing? Keeping up with the celebrities? Well then, we’ve got the perfect show for you! Strictly Come Dancing is a British television dance contest, presented by Tess Daly and Claudia Winkleman. In the show, celebrities pair up with professional dancers to compete against each...

Events, Expos and Entertainment: What’s on in November and December

Events, Expos and Entertainment: What's on in November and December

Sofía Masondo

October 29, 2019

London - a cultural, artistic and scientific hub, buzzing with activity. In this wonderful, busy city, you can find just about anything to suit your interests, whether it's as broad as design or as niche as organ engineering.  Going to events, talks, workshops and expositions can help us figure out wha...

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