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June 5, 2020

Hey Everyone!   Welcome back to TED-Talks weekly! You will find this week 3 amazing talks on the theme of STEAM for you all to enjoy. As always, do leave your thoughts on the videos, and feel free to suggest other topics you would like us to find talks on in the comments below!   Happy Watching!   Sahana Chair, NHS Lecture Series   - S T E A M - ...

Iman in the Spotlight!

Iman in the Spotlight!

May 27, 2020

I don’t really believe in advice because giving a young person advice is like telling someone to run towards a burning building – they’re going to do the exact opposite. Honestly, just do you. You will only learn from your mistakes.

“Mathematics and Beauty are strongly linked.” Discuss.

“Mathematics and Beauty are strongly linked.


May 24, 2020

“How can it be that mathematics, being after all a product of human thought independent of experience, is so admirably adapted to the objects of reality?” – Albert Einstein   Beauty in mathematics is a concept that has been discussed for many years now. But, in order to understand the exte...

Gemma in the Spotlight!

Gemma in the Spotlight!

May 21, 2020

Sometimes, unexpected plans may happen in the journey, you may face upsetting and discouraging experiences, but all of those things are there for you to learn, so why not look at their positive side? Those moments go past if you decide to return to the positive and optimistic attitude!



May 20, 2020

Hey Everyone! New Week, New TED Talks! Enjoy a collection of talks on the theme of: IDENTITY! As always, let us know how you liked the talks or if you have suggestions for topics in the comments below!   Happy Watching!   Sahana Chair, NHS Lecture Series Committee - I D E N T I T Y -



May 12, 2020

Hello Everyone! Welcome to the next edition of ‘TED Talks Weekly’! This week the theme is: FASHION! You can find below 3 very interesting talks on this fascinating topic. As always, do let us know in the comments your thoughts on the topic, whether you liked a particular talk, or if you have any suggestions for topics we can find talks on for you in the future! Happy Watching! Sahana Chair, NHS Lecture Series Committee   - F A S H I O N - ...



May 8, 2020

Hello everyone! Welcome to the first edition of 'TED-Talks' Weekly, a new initiative by the NHS Lecture Series Committee. On this page, you will find new collections of TED-Talks every week (updated every Monday) on various different topics for you to enjoy. We hope that you find these talks engaging, enriching and thought-provoking, and that it will spark an interest to to watch and listen to more of such talks. Do leave comments if you liked a particular talk or have particular talks you would be interested in listenin...

Banana Bread with Chocolate Chips

Kathleen Fairweather

March 30, 2020

BANANA BREAD A true classic, banana bread is great for any occasion and any time of the day. This simple and moist banana bread recipe is easy to make - with minimal ingredients and minimal cleanup, it's a very practical recipe with delicious results. To spice your banana bread up, consider adding chocolate chips to the mix, which is great for coaxing young kids to try some. Just a dab of butter and a lovely cup of tea along with a slice makes for the perfect snack. Ingredients  2 to 3 very ripe bananas, peel...

Apple Crumble

Alexandra Miller

March 30, 2020

APPLE CRUMBLE This simple yet delicious apple crumble recipe for four is sure to impress as either a dessert or act as well-deserved comfort food after a week of hard work. Prepared with minimal ingredients, you can easily use up leftovers in your kitchen without having to go on a tiresome visit to the local supermarket. This crumble also has the quality of being easy to ‘dress up’ or ‘dress down’, since you can add, replace, or take away certain ingredients as you fancy, therefore serving you well in any situa...

Silver Lining of COVID-19: Environmental Impacts

Anissa Seeger-Husain

March 26, 2020

Following all the media reports on the pandemic and the fact that we are all self-isolating at home, let us take a moment to appreciate something positive that arose from millions of people across the world being in lockdown. There is less air pollution in big cities thanks to reduced vehicles on the roads. The water in Venice’s canals looks clearer than ever before. However, it is important to point out that the water is not necessarily cleaner; the sediments just aren’t coming to the surface because there is no boat...

Third Place… Anonymous Grade 11

March 4, 2020

Sitting idly in the backseat of the car Felt no different on the way to put on a new skin And leave everything behind Than driving to the supermarket, Straight, roundabout, second exit on the left. The Numb sat deep and purred in my chest when the girl I had lived with For six months sobbed on my shoulder, as if she Were the one that would never again see the people she became the first real version of herself with, And I were the one coming back in a week and-a-half as short as a second. Hearing the pla...

Second Place… Isabella Hale

March 4, 2020

The Book of Life By Isabella Hale The book of life, Lies still and silent...... Coated in a coarse layer of dust, A musty smell surging through the air, The book, undisturbed for years, Gradually forced out of hibernation. The uneasy feeling of change, Brought about by the opening of the book. With a meaning yet unclear, It holds a selection of desires, that slither out throughout the progression of evolution. The hunger for adventure; The belief of a soul changing moment; And a path to...

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